The Slope

The logo

What struck us was the beauty of the location, not just the waves and sunshine, but the all the textures – the paint, woodgrain, the history. To try and capture this and pay homage to the GWB heritage, we set about crafting the logo by hand. Something that felt relaxed and was a throwback to those golden days.

We digitised the sketches and then added a weathered texture to replicate those we had fallen in love with during our time spent ‘researching’ the waves, how long it takes to get a tan and the softness of the sand.


Menu typography always has to be spot on. It has to both compliment and contrast and yet work together in harmony. Plus it has to be flexible enough to allow the menu to grow and make it easy for customers to visually navigate so they can find what they want quickly and easily.

Although unusual, Wheat, Noyh and Pitch were a winning combination whose textures complimented the logo.

“Ms. Blackburn has surprised us with her ability to turn pioneer staples into gourmet delights. Her signature cocktails are not merely couched in nostalgia, but are a genuine rebirth of western saloon classics.”