Purpose Driven Branding For Ambitious Hospitality Businesses

The Oakmont Process Plan
1) Self-Assessment

Your journey starts with a self-assessment where you’ll evaluate your presentation, positioning, purpose, process and promotion to delve into the depths of your business. From your look and feel through to your marketing efforts, the audit is designed to highlight the key areas where there is room for improvement and lead you into a Strategy Session with us.

2) Strategy Session

Once the audit is complete we run a strategy session, built to helps us tackle what needs fixing in the most efficient and effective order.

The session is split into five parts:

a) Establish your brand attributes – what makes you, you?

b) Develop user profiles for you ideal customers

c) Analyse your customer journey

d) Decide on the best solutions to your problems which will most appeal to customers and fuel your growth.

e) Create a priority list of deliverables to generate income, raise awareness of your brand and increase your efficiency

3) Execution

Working in partnership with you, our team of experts, led by Thad Cox, will then execute the most important deliverables agreed in your strategy session.

4) Review

We want you to be successful, that’s why we won’t simply leave you alone after we complete the work. With all our work, as standard, we perform a regular six month check to see how things are going and give you any extra support you might need.

The Slope Coffee Case Study